The Story

Based on the True Story of Wanda Savage

Originally presented in New York City in the New York Musical Festival. 

Scott Payne, Executive Director

Savage is a dramatic musical inspired by the true story of 1920s Native American sharpshooter and silent film actress, Wanda Savage, as told through jazz and blues influenced pop music.  Wanda was a renegade performer who shot her way through circuses, vaudeville and Hollywood before landing in a Wyoming brothel. Savage is as relevant today as it was 100 years ago – the story of a divorced single mother who fought racism, sexism and abuse to make a name for herself.  Her thirst for fame came at a heavy price - losing the one she loved most. 

Savage is based on creator, cowriter, co-composer, and co-lyricist, Nicolette Blount's Great Grandmother, Mattie Hardwick AKA Wanda Savage.  This rebel heart fulfilled her dreams in a time when women were just starting to have a voice.  In the end, she found what she really wanted was what she had all along.